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Personal Trainer Brisbane

1 year ago


Losing weight, especially a lot of weight requires a lot of commitment and dedication. Having no structure or plan for your goal can make things very difficult and potential unravel all your hard work. After years of unsuccessful attempts of trying to lose weight himself, Marc decided to get some expert advice from Peter Nguyen Fitness. We explained to Marc what was required from him and we outlined in detail the personalised program that guaranteed him results, if he followed it to the tee!

Marc consistently took action, followed the program and results kept coming week by week, month by month. Marc lost 10kg in the first few months and he could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Marc now has a physique that he is so proud to show the whole world and is not embarrassed to walk out in public anymore.  For more information on Marc's story click here, but if you are looking for an experienced personal trainer in Brisbane that will help you get results - backing it up with a 30 day money back guarantee, then make sure you head over you our website at 

1 year ago


If your goal is to lose some weight for your wedding or if you're like Taylah, and looking for a solution so that you can fit into your wedding dress, then let Peter Nguyen Fitness help you achieve you goal. We guarantee you results if you follow our lead. Taylah has been training with us for 3 months and withing 3 weeks, she was able to see more definition in her legs and abs. To hear more what Taylah has to say about our personal training, head over to or click here

1 year ago


If you have been struggling to lose some weight and build muscle at the same time then then look no further. We at Peter Nguyen Fitness will show you how you can achieve this result by using a sustainable approach to training and nutrition, You will be able to eat the foods that you love on a day to day basis and choose the amounts of days that you can commit to with  training. Check out what Daniel has to say about Personal Trainer Brisbane - Peter Nguyen Fitness

For 12 weeks, Daniel was able to stay at the same weight and lose body fat. We taught Daniel how to incorporate the foods that he loved eating into his daily routine - allowing him to still have a social life. Towards the end of the 12 week challenge, Daniel was squatting, benching and dead lifting his 1RM for reps - whilst losing more fat at the same time. Although most people aren't too keen on lifting really really heavy, Daniels goal was to get stronger and lose fat at the same time. There are many ways to skin a cat, so  if your goal is to lose fat but not too keen on lifting heavy - we can definitely design a personalised program for you so that your results are achievable and maintainable at the same time.

For more information on personal training, coaching or check out more testimonials, head over to Peter Nguyen Fitness